O&A Conquers Snowdon

By Conor Butcher. Director Of Flex Space @ O&A

I climbed Mount Snowdon the other week, easily one of the best things I’ve ever done.

My mental health had been playing up over the past month, it’s not an easy thing to admit, but I was struggling. 

I’m typically an outward-going person so when my anxiety kicks in, I love getting out in the wild where I can fully relax and let all my worries go, something people should do a lot more of.

Overall the hike lasted about 8 hours, including pitstops for lunch 3560 feet high in the sky. 

 My three takeaways from doing this?

 – Don’t let situations dampen your mood, there are much greater things out there for you.

– A swim in the lake on the climb down, was probably the most mentally refreshing experience. 

– Always have some marketing kit on you for a cracking shot.



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