If you are looking for flexibility in your office space but want to truly make it your own, in every sense of the word a managed option may be for you.

What is a managed office?

A managed office is a tailored space that can create the exact environment that a company is looking for. Beginning with a blank canvas it can truly be a bespoke solution to meet the exact needs of the business. It is a good alternative to a serviced office in that there is one monthly fee for the management of the space by a third-party company. The key differentiator is that the space is not paid for by the desk, it is paid for by the amount of space that is being occupied.

  • Security cleaning and maintenance
  • Utilities included
  • Member discount and events
  • Business grade wifi and it solutions
  • Additional services such as mail handling and storage

Benefits of a managed office

  • Ability to customise and brand.
  • No upfront costs with deposit lower and fit out costs spread over the term of the lease.
  • The business has its own space, and its alone.
  • No Fees, as they are covered by the managing agent.

Disadvantages of a managed office

  • Can work out more expensive than taking a lease.
  • Fit out and set up time meaning it is not plug and play like flexible space.
  • Can take longer to find the right size of space for your business.
  • Commitment length can be longer than flexible space.

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