Commuting Made Safer & Simpler

Commuting Made Safer & Simpler

For Londoners, commuting is easier than ever before, and we are even helping the environment in the process.

Since Boris revealed his step-by-step plan to getting us out of lockdown, businesses everywhere have been getting together their agenda ahead of welcoming colleagues back to work.

Whilst we have been busy fathoming out the ‘working from home’ life, Transport for London (TfL) have been busy getting the city ready, implementing health and safety measures for its transport network as well as updating London’s roads to allow social distancing whilst the usual cyclists and pedestrians grace the streets. When London’s masses return to work, TFL’s infrastructure will help people feel safer on the streets and whilst commuting.

It is no secret that the tubes weren’t the cleanest of places, however when you slowly return work, you will realise they are cleaner than ever before. This alone makes people feel more positive about commuting and travelling again. We of course know that we still need to follow the guidelines of wearing masks, keeping social distancing and ideally travelling in off-peak times, however for some commuters this isn’t enough to feel safe. Therefore, TFL have set up new ways for us to travel and in the long run this could also have a positive impact on the environment.

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Other, more creative, ways to travel

Especially as the Summer approaches and the days get longer and lighter, you may prefer to walk or cycle to work. If this is something you have already been doing for a while or are looking to do moving forward, TFL have made it safer and easier to do so. I don’t know about you but cycling around London had always made me slightly nervous, however now that new cycling routes and lanes are being implemented around London I feel that this is definitely something I am going to be doing moving forward.

This is all happening as part of Travel for London’s new scheme Streetspace. The scheme is in place to temporarily create ‘more space for people to safely walk, cycle, scoot or wheel’ as authorities manage the coronavirus pandemic.

Projects that are part of the scheme include; adding to the cycle network by creating new upgraded lanes and routes using temporary lane separators such as wands, creating new walking, cycling and bus-only corridors in central London, widening pavements and much more…

You can find out more about the scheme by visiting

Whilst less people have been travelling on the underground and commuting in the usual ways, TFL have hit new heights over the past few months with nearly 90.000 new members signing up to be a part of the Santander Cycles network, this led to over 2 million cycle hires during the second quarter of 2020.

With Streetspace creating new cycle routes and lanes, it has never been easier to change your commute whilst reducing your carbon footprint and your waistline. Lockdown has made it harder to motivate yourself to exercise regularly, stopping us from attending the gym or meeting friends for group exercise, so by choosing to cycle or walk to work  it’s the perfect way to get healthier and stay safe on your commute. You will not only feel better for doing so but by walking or cycling you could realistically substitute for 41% of short car trips, saving nearly 5% of CO2e emissions from car travel – the planet will thank you too!

Working from home vs Returning to the office

You may be reading this and questioning whether you even want to return to work officially or you’ve been given the option from your company and are unsure what to do. Everyone is nervous about adjusting back to ‘normal life’, whether that be because of fear of the virus or fear of the social aspect after over a year of lockdown life and being used to your own company, we are all unsure how the next year will unfold which leaves us feeling slightly anxious.

While some people have embraced working from home, numerous studies have shown that employees still miss office life. Video calls won’t ever beat real life interaction and Microsoft Teams won’t ever replace the office banter. You may have your own business therefore you can opt to work from home full time, however statistics show that even being around other people in a work environment can improve your mental health. Considering co-working office spaces as a freelancer or business owner can significantly boost your overall wellbeing.

A recent report shows that if workers feel happy in their office surrounding, they are less likely to be stressed out in their work. 

“Strong office design can make employees up to 33% happier at work”.

After a year of being isolated, we have realised that real connection is what we value, now more so than ever before.

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